Text submission guidelines

KVTV Text sees itself as an open platform for discourses on contemporary art, institutional criticism, anti-racism and various subcultures. You can submit a text if you basically:

  • have something to say
  • are ambitious or funny, anti-racist, humanistic, queer, feminist, progressive, idealistic, romantic, clear and clear or philosophical
  • have already written a text and want to publish it on the KVTV homepage
  • have written an exhibition documentation or review
  • and last but not least, you enjoy writing good texts.

Hard facts:

  • 2.000 - 12.000 characters
  • please pay attention to the usual rules of citation, grammar and punctuation and a gender-sensitive language.
  • Texts in English are welcome!
  • Format text as PDF or Word
  • Max. 10 images under 2 MB with resolution 72-150 dpi (Please do not forget image sources and credits!)

Please pay attention to the common citation rules, grammar and punctuation a gender-sensitive language

After carefully checking our guidelines, we will notify you whether and when the text will be published.

KVTV texts are free from any form of hatred of people

Don´t be shy. Contact us via text@kvtv.studio