KVTV at the Documenta 14
The first KVTV video!

This is the first KVTV video, which was created at Documenta 14 in Athens and which also marks the birth of Kulturvotzen. KVTV was originally born out of fun and friendship when a group of female curators, artists, philosophers and lawyers went on a party and educational trip to Athens in 2017 to see the art show of the year. It was striking how naturally Instagram and social media had broken into the sacred sphere of high culture and how cavalierly visitors wanted to use their devices to satisfy their need to capture artworks on small smartphone displays and then contribute to them being reproduced hundreds of times on social media without meaning to. After all, the colleagues who rotted in Germany at a boring vernissage should turn green with envy and suffocate from FOMO, while the IG-addicted pseudo-cosmopolite art-lover intoxicated by ouzo and alpha beer above the rooftops of Athens thought to himself - this Documenta is something very special... Documenta 14 in fact was special, especially because it did not take place in the pensioner-like Kassel, but in the history-steeped Athens! What the Kulturvotzen lacked, however, was a critical debate that positioned itself far from an inaccessible gesture and duct. And so we also started to stand in front of the artworks with smartphones without fear that our careers would be ruined if we not only let slime drip from our tongues, but perhaps also sprayed some venom and hate when reviewing the artworks on display. The videos were uploaded on Instagram and back in Germany we just continued the whole thing, because uncommented vernissages there were before Corona also in Germany like sand by the sea! In this sense: Haters gonna Hate - check out our gonzo journalistic beginnings!